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Residential Remodeling, Alterations, Custom Home Builder and Home Repairs

Concept Building Systems has been serving Florida since 1986. During this time we have provided home owners with quality construction services. We have performed whole house upgrades, insurance repairs, built custom homes, remodeled kitchens and bathrooms. And we have remodeled or repaired many commercial and industrial properties, warehouses, office buildings and refrigerated facilities throughout the state of Florida. In some cases we have provided the concept and design, in some we have worked with our associated engineers and architects.

In the first photo (at the top) we are remodeling a warehouse in central Florida, converting it to a refrigerated food processing plant. In the second photo, a home addition/renovation for an owner in southwest Miami-Dade County, we are installing brick pavers and landscaping, a very nice touch we thought. The design-permit drawings for this project were provided by one of our very talented associated architects <CLICK HERE>. The third photo is the finished project photo for this southwest Miami home. In the last photo (at the top) we repaired/remodeled a small fire damaged building in West Palm Beach Florida. The heat of the fire had caused structural damage to the concrete columns and beams, the supporting members of the structure. We repaired the columns and beams, replaced burned-out roof members and roof covering.

Regardless of the scope and complexity of your project, large or small, Concept Building Systems, will apply the same sense of urgency and provide the same degree of unsurpassed, high quality workmanship.

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Panoramic Door Systems, a Concept for Building. By bringing your outdoor landscaping, pool, and patio indoors, Panoramic Doors will add a new, higher level to your home living experience. With Panoramic Doors you will reduce your air-conditioning expense during the summer months and your heating costs during the winter while adding elegance and value to your home.

Let Concept Building Systems provide a free estimate to install a Panoramic Door System in your home. Call us today, toll free 877-382-0811.