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Metal Building Systems – Fast Track Design and Construction

Concept Building Systems ships our steel and metal buildings nationally and internationally on request will provide a cost to erect your building in any state of the Union. Nationally or internationally we will design a building to meet or exceed your local building codes, regulations and the intended use of the building. In many countries; on request, we will provide a cost proposal to for steel building erection and/or project management.

The first photo above is a standard pre-engineered, pre-manufactured steel and metal building. By clicking on the photo you will notice the columns of this building are tapered. This type of building is very useful for warehouses, aviation (aircraft hangars) combination warehouse and offices.

We can also provide a building with straight columns rather than tapered. Some uses of the straight column building might include refrigerated food processing plants. This would be accomplished by incorporating insulated panels as the means to enclose the building. The straight column building design also lends well to office space, multi-family residential units, student housing, assisted living facilities and many more such uses.
Both building types straight or tapered can be designed having multiple floors. This is a very fast and cost efficient building method, Concept for Building.

In the second photo above you see a building that is a “Tension Fabric” building. This building method is used for aircraft hangars, material storage, equipment storage and similar uses. Due to its rapid deployment capabilities they can also be used for emergency housing in a disaster event anywhere on the planet.

The third photo above is what we call a “composite pre-engineered metal building”. This means that while the frame is steel, the enclosure walls can be of block, brick or any other type of traditional wall building material.

The last photo is a picture of the steel frame used for this type of building. Over the frame we install stretched PVC material that is a frame resistant fabric. This fabric carries a fifteen year warranty against deterioration due to exposure to natural elements worldwide.

All of these buildings are a “Fast Track” building method. Because they are time efficient; from project start to project finish, they are cost efficient.