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“You will require an expert to maximize your insurance discount and meet the building code.”
Florida General Contractor
On August 24th 1992, Hurricane Andrew made landfall in south Florida and became one of the costliest hurricanes in U.S. history. Andrew caused more than 30 billion dollars in damages made neighborhoods unrecognizable and caused chaos and panic in South Florida. The National Hurricane Center reported 25,524 homes destroyed, and 101,241 homes damaged and 300,000 people were homeless.

The National Hurricane Center, reported wind gusts up to 170 mph and higher in the southern Dade County suburbs, before the radar was blown off the roof of the center. The wind monitoring equipment at Homestead Air Force Base reportedly was blown off when the gusts reached 220 MPH.

Much of the damage caused by this epic storm was the result of problems that could have been detected and avoided by simply properly applying the building code that existed at the time. Nevertheless, many changes were made to the building code and to the insurance industry:

  • In Florida there is now one state subsidized insurance company writing homeowner insurance.
  • Before Hurricane Andrew a homeowner could purchase an insurance policy for six hundred dollars a year or less.
  • Today a homeowner’s insurance policy can cost three thousand dollars a year.
  • The insurance company will grant discounts to homes and buildings that meet certain standards.
  • The requirements of the current building code and those of the insurance deduction are NOT the same; you will require an expert to maximize your insurance discount and meet the building code.

Florida Building Inspection Services is a subsidiary service offered by Concept Building Systems. Concept Building Systems is a state of Florida certified general contractor and a state of Florida certified home inspector founded in the year 1986. We can offer you unsurpassed inspection services to provide the guidance you will need to make an educated decision as a buyer or current owner. If you are a buyer, Florida Building Inspection Services can offer inspection as well as design and build services that will save you money on your purchase price by providing you with facts that you will need to negotiate with the seller. For either buyers or current owners we can save you money relative to the cost to insure your property, be it residential or commercial, by satisfactorily upgrading to meet the “Wind Mitigation” requirement.


  • Four point inspections, mechanical, electrical, roof covering, and structural elements of the home or building.
  • A standard inspection for Real Estate purchases acting as the buyer’s representative. With this inspection we provide estimated costs to repair all observed building defects.
  • FHA compliance inspections for Real Estate purchases/mortgage applications and FHA mortgage guarantees.
  • FHA compliance inspections for home or commercial building upgrades, renovations, alterations, repairs.
  • And last but not least “Wind Mitigation Inspections” for homeowner insurance.