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In addition to being Florida certified general contractor, the owner, Ralph Spurlock has been granted a Home Inspector Certification by the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. We are certified as an FHA 203k Loan Consultant. We also provide FHA 203K Compliance Inspections for other certified FHA 203K building contractors.

In essence, an FHA 203k loan can be used to buy and renovate residential and mixed use, commercial-residential property. When a property falls into disrepair in a neighborhood, the value of surrounding properties also declines. This leads to a domino effect where all of the properties in the area are falling in value. For this reason, the government would like to encourage people to purchase and repair these blighted properties. They do this through 203k loans which require inspectors, consultants and FHA certified contractors for the various phases of a project.

Ralph Spurlock can serve as either the inspector or the consultant. So we will serve you as an FHA 203k project contractor or an FHA 203k consultant. We can also provide you with an objective opinion to help you make an educated decision as to the suitability of a 203k loan for your needs.