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Welcome to Concept Building Systems, Inc. General Contracting. Concept Building Systems is a family owned and operated general contracting firm domiciled in Miami, Florida USA. Concept Building Systems, Inc. was founded by company president, RW Spurlock in 1986. We are a multi-faceted company offering a multitude of different building and construction services. We are state of Florida licensed and fully insured.

Our staff is committed to providing value and we reject the alternatives. We believe that corners should never be cut to save the company a few dollars. Our steel structures and our conventional structures of concrete and masonry are designed and engineered to withstand high winds and to meet or exceed building codes in all coastal and hurricane-prone areas. Our buildings have withstood many of the most devastating hurricanes, including a direct hit from Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

We ship our steel and metal buildings nationally and internationally. On request we will provide a cost to erect in any state of the Union. Internationally, our buildings are designed to meet or exceed the local building codes and the intended use of our customers. In most countries; on request, we will provide a cost proposal for steel building erection and/or project management.

We firmly believe that our customers have a right to rely on the products and services that we provide, and that our products will be aesthetically pleasing and structurally viable. We believe that regardless of the extremity of any natural event, our building products will “provide shelter from the elements.”

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